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Employees are a firm's most important assets. To help you maximize the value of this resource, our group benefits professionals will build a comprehensive package designed to help you attract and retain the highest quality employees.

One of the most important components of any benefits package is medical care. But with the cost of providing sufficient employee coverage spiraling out of control, many employers feel like they have to make difficult choices regarding offerings and employee contributions. We'll use our expertise in this field to perform a complete analysis of your benefits program to determine how it relates to your overall compensation philosophy and practices, employee needs and corporate budget. Our industry experts will also provide insight into the benefits programs offered by your competitors, allowing you to more effectively compete for top employees.

By understanding your needs and objectives CUA can:
  • Design a benefits plan that provides access to a variety of options that are affordable for you and your employees.
  • Perform a comprehensive market search to secure the most competitive rates.
  • Help you efficiently administer the program through a dedicated account manager.
To download forms now, request a change online, or get claims assistance, visit our Express Customer Service Center.

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