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CUA protects the assets of a broad range of enterprises-from sole proprietors to multi-million dollar corporations. Every commercial policy is built upon a thorough understanding of that business and the issues confronting it, allowing us to implement proper risk management techniques while placing appropriate coverage for the protection of a company's human and physical resources and the earnings they generate.

We start with a series of interviews designed to determine management's appetite for retaining risk, followed by an operational analysis. Researching corporate history, current issues and future plans enables us to structure a program around your company's specific needs. By building customized plans, we're able to positively impact each client's bottom line.

Every policy-whether it's general liability, commercial automobile, property or workers' compensation insurance-is built upon a process that has worked for clients for over seven decades.
  • Exposure identification and the use of sound loss prevention strategies.
  • Risk analysis and structuring the right combination of insurance and risk retention.
  • Placing the insurance with financially stable insurers offering the most favorable terms and conditions.
  • Aggressively managing claims.
  • Close communication with clients to stay on top of the dynamics of their business.
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