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Below is our directory of key contacts for your convenience.

Contact Title Phone Number

Cindy Loo Controller 516-358-3508
Barbara Gaffney Bookkeeper 516-358-3502

Richard Kainz VP Bonds Department 516-358-3520
Tim Kenneally Senior Vice President 516-358-3509
Pat Von Posch Assistant Bond Manager 516-358-3532
Eileen Dunham Account Manager 516-358-3518
Norman Gomez-Vasquez Account Specialist 516-358-3503

Nancy Kalinoglu Director of Risk Management 516-358-3527
Steve Buksa Vice President of Claims 516-358-3505
Eunice Soljour Claims Representative 516-358-3561

Commercial Lines
Felicia McElwain VP Comm'l. Lines & Marketing 516-358-3517
Brigid O'Neill Marketing and Commercial Operations 516-358-3506
Joanna D'Arrigo Main Street Bus. Unit 516-358-3521
Michael Densky Account Executive 516-358-3539
Samantha Hanlon Assoc. Account Exec. 516-358-3530
David Hyer Account Executive 516-358-3524
Gabby Loiacono Main Street Bus. Unit 516-358-3526
Bryan McElwain Main Street Bus. Unit 516-358-3563
Brendan Mulholland Account Executive 516-358-3535
Martha Rodriguez Customer Service Rep. 516-358-3514
Doroty Scotto Account Executive 516-358-3502
Samantha Schwartz Main Street Bus. Unit 516-358-3565
Kevin Tynan Account Executive 516-358-3507
Cristina Yuen Manager Main Street Bus. Unit 516-358-3538

Group Benefits
Chris Connor Managing Director Group Benefits 516-358-3512
Greg Risucci Director of Account Management 516-358-3512
Karen Kilgallon Account Manager 516-358-3566
Zoraida Rodriguez Account Manager 516-358-3516

Information Systems
Deborah Clancy Director of Systems & Administration 516-358-3523

John Roe, Jr. Chief Executive Officer 516-358-3534
Nash Roe Executive Vice President 516-358-3525

Felicia McElwain VP Marketing 516-358-3517
Brigid O'Neill Marketing and Commercial Operations 516-358-3506

Personal Lines
Ellie Carstens Personal Lines Manager 516-358-3504
Raquelle Kabatsky Customer Service Rep. 516-358-3536
Jacqueline Gallo Account Excutive 516-358-3567
Joann Pikramenos Customer Service Rep. 516-358-3572

Nash Roe Executive Vice President 516-358-3525
William Blake Vice President 516-358-3531
Tom Bogue Vice President 516-358-3513
Rich Brazzano Vice President 516-358-3568
Chris Connor Managing Director Connor Group Insurance 516-358-3578
Lloyd Keith Friedlander Managing Director LKF Partners 516-358-3537
Richard Kainz VP Bonds Department 516-358-3520
E. Timothy Kenneally Senior Vice President 516-358-3509
William McGinty Managing Director ELS Insurance Brokers 516-358-3548
Gerry Rorke Managing Director AGS Talcott 516-358-3528
Mary G. "Trudi" Williams Sales, Vice President 516-358-3569
Peter Zaino Insurance Specialist 516-358-3519

Human Resources
Deborah Clancy Human Resources 516-358-3523

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